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Likya ship can provide following services for your vessels during their transit passages at Turkish Straits and all Turkish ports.


We can get better discounts on supplies and we can almost always organize all you need cheaper and quickly.


- Crew change operations

- Hotel resarvations

- Signing on / off crew members

- Medical attendance for crew members
- Stores supply

- Spare parts delivery

Fresh / frozen and dry provisions

- Bonded stores ( soft drinks , cigarettes , beer , .etc..)

- Delivery of crew mail and couriers
- Sludge, Bilge water, Washing water collection
- Fresh Water supply
- Bunker and lubrication oil supply

We know, the time how is precious for you. That is why you should take advantage of timing , quality and low-cost of Likya Ship Suplly.

In addition to :
All kinds of technical repairs at anchorage and Tuzla Shipyard area.
Life raft services and supplying of safety equipment / certification.
Freight forwarders agent.
. Agency works at Ambarli and Tuzla Shipyard area

If your vessel calling Turkish ports or transiting Turkish straits , you need only

Likya Ship

Our mission is to serve you 24/7 for all your needs.


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